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Jul 16th

Garage pegboard – In how to make space efficiency in the garage, I can tell you the steps to make a pegboard in the garage walls. Just make sure in following the step by step instructions. You will find them easy to apply even with do it yourself project. You should allow the sufficient space in the behind of the pegboard. When you are mounting pegboard, remember that you have to mount it so there is a little space behind the board’s surface because pegs or hooks are simply designed to be inserted through board’s holes and hook from behind. Then mark the wall studs’ location. When it comes to the cabinets and shelving, find the wall studs first of all just behind the drywall.  This is meant to be able in mounting the support strips of the pegboard. Finding the wall studs can be simplified by using stud sensor.

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Right after you located the wall studs and marked them, just level to scribe the horizontal line on the wall in the effort to serve as a guide. Then create a pegboard’s framework backing. You can mount a wood horizontal strip to the wall by using wood screws. To provide adequate support, just drive the screws into the studs. Just follow this same procedure in installing strips to create your pegboard framework backing including the vertical strips. They are crossing the center area in the effort to provide median support so the pegboard is sound structurally once mounted.

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Cut the pegboard to size right after the pegboards’ measurements are determined using a jigsaw, table saw or circular saw. It is not recommended to use utility knife in cutting the material. Mount the pegboard to the framework once the cut to your chosen dimensions. Then use wood screws to mount the board to the wood strips and a screwdriver attachment cordless drill. Arrange the hooks to your preferences after the board is securely mounted to then arranging your hooks however you want.

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