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18×8 Garage Door Automatic Problems Troubleshoot

18×8 Garage Door – Many of the problems that owners of 18×8 garage doors tend to be related to the door does not work consistently face. In many cases, the reasons stem from a sensor that is not in the right place or configuration not performed properly. 18×8 size offers owners garage doors some recommendations about what they can do to solve problems that do not work properly.



Remove all obstructions around safety sensors, if the door is not closed or only partially closed. Some of the elements that can cause obstructions are bicycles, cars or people. Small items can also cause problems, especially if they are near the sensors of 18×8 garage door. Make sure there are no leaves, trash or debris in or near the sensor. Clean lenses sensor if the door closes sometimes, but often not completely closed. Some dirt or debris on the sensor lens can make the two sides of the sensor are not able to communicate with each other. You can use a cloth to quickly remove dirt or other substances from the sensor lens.

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See if a bright light on top of each sensor. If both lights are on, it means that the sensors are not aligned properly. You can place a small object like a screw in the housing, just below the sensor and press down on the sensor. Do this on both sensors in the garage. This helps align the 18×8 garage door.

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