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Calculating Siding For A 24×24 Garage

Calculating Siding For A 24×24 Garage – Garage siding can range from easy-care vinyl to rustic stone to natural wood. Install it yourself saves money, but you’ll have to figure out how much to buy. Most manufacturers will state the number of square feet that a certain proportion of their siding will cover, even if they sell it by the bundle or the pallet. You may be able to buy other types of siding, simply ask for a certain number of square feet. Calculation for any type of siding is the same as long as you know how many square feet the amount you buy will cover.



Measure the height of the 24×24 garage from the foundation to the eaves. Take the measurement at a side where the edge of the roof is level, not at the end where there is a peak. Use a tape measure and record the results in feet. Once the height by 96 to calculate the total number of square feet for all four sides not was including the triangles under the peaks of the roof. Measure the height of the garage from the foundation to the highest point on top of the feet. Pull the measurement you took in Step 1. Multiply the result by 24 to calculate the total square feet of siding for the area under the roof top at both ends of the garage.

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Add the result from step 2 to the result from step 3 to calculate the total square feet of the exterior of the 24×24 garage. Measure the height and width of the garage door in the foot by means of a measuring tape. Multiply the height times the width. Do the same for all windows, doors and similar areas not need siding, such as the area where the garage attached to the house? Add all of the results to calculate the square footage that does not require siding. Pull Step 5 result from the result of step 4 to figure out how many square feet of siding you need. Add at least 10 percent to allow for waste.

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