2×4 Garage Shelves for Space Addition

Oct 14th

2×4 Garage Shelves You may be dreaming about remodeling or perhaps really want to renovate your garage. But, when you look at the budget you have, you know it will not happen. So, how do you get the extra storage space do you need? The first step is to develop this plan is a garage shelf.


Yes, you can use the garage for storage already exists. But the room is not being used efficiently. And you can never find what you want. The 2×4 garage shelves seems that the right choice is keep in the house for all kinds of sports equipment, tools, machinery, and the collection of the family. The initial purpose of the parking garage for the car and a small workout area seems to have been lost to the chaos of it all.

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The floors are supported with garage shelving is the most appropriate choice. One method is to form the upright support with running boards 2×4 sized vertically every 50 inches. Every 2×4 should be placed on the floor and be attached to the ceiling joists above. Then, additional 2×4 board attached horizontally on the edge between the uprights and particle board can be used to make shelves. Dimensions are used usually 19-25 inches with 25 inches between each shelf. The 2×4 garage shelves is only recommended dimensions can be adjusted to better accommodate the size of the items to be stored.

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