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Painting Inside Of Amish Garages

Amish garages are often left with dirty walls and floors. It can be good if only one vehicle, carpenter or mechanic uses the amish garages. It may not be the greatest thing about the garage is used as an entrance to your home, or even a place other family activities. Amish garages are not just used as storage and carports. Some people set up the game room or other family activities in this part of the home. A nice paint can perk up the space, and dry walled garage can be easily painted. Cement and cinder-block garage will have more porous walls. As long as you buy paint and primer designed for each particular surface, the process is similar to paint any interior room.

Amish Barns and Garages

Amish Barns and Garages

Open your amish garages door at least partially to allow the paint fumes and dust escape. Cover the floor of your garage with drapes. Sweep the floor if you plan to paint the floor surface. Remove the faceplates of switches and outlets, if any. Cover switches and sockets with masking tape. Also cover any door or window trim bordering the walls with masking tape. Remove dust and debris from the walls, ceilings and floors before painting. Sand them with fine sandpaper wrapped around a sanding block. Scrub concrete or any other type of texture walls, ceilings or floors with detergent. Let the walls, ceiling or floor to dry completely.

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