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October 3, 2017 Garage Storage

Simple and Safety Bike Hooks for Garage

Bike hooks for garage – Establishes a space that allows access to the bicycle, to store the picture horizontally or a single wheel, vertically. The area should be slightly wider than necessary to accommodate the bike and have enough space to immediately access support or hook comfortably.



Bike hooks for garage horizontally on a metal support independent bicycle to hold one or two bicycles. A portable standing near the garage door or a side door allows you to remove it and save it with minimal effort. Mounts a collapsible or rigid support made in the structure exposed or wall covering. Depending on the space available, select a support that holds it horizontally or one that hold a wheel, vertically.

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Install a wall bracket marking and drilling pilot holes 1/8 inch (0.31 cm) in the locations of the screws. Use a stud finder to locate the parts of the structure inside the walls covered. Fixed bracket with lag screws and a socket wrench. Install a bike hooks for garage on the structure of the wall and hang front or rear wheel. It measures the total length of the bicycle and transfers this measure on the wall. Add several inches (cm) clearance at the bottom wheel. Drill a pilot hole and screw the hook in place, using a large screwdriver or an adjustable wrench handle as a lever.

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